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How many people need to receive the flu shot to prevent one (1) case of influenza? 

 Do women really need mammograms?

Dr. Ian Bier and Dan Belforti address these questions and more on March 15th, 2013 on Portsmouth Community Radio, 106.1 FM.  

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Polictical activist, Dennis Corrigan, discusses a bi-partisan NH bill he helped draft to legalize marijuana. 

Libertarian Party Executive Director, Carla Howell, joins the conversation and shares an update from our nation's capital. 

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Dan and Andi discuss 2012 Election--Gary Johnson, Trump's Offer to Obama, Foreign Policy, Vote for Peace rather than Obama.

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Gary Johnson speaks at UNH on Wednesday, September 19th, and we air clips from the event as well as take a call in from Seth Cohn, former Republican NH State Rep.  Issues touched upon include: Campaign Reform, Drug Laws, Food Labeling, Foreign Policy, Veteran Benefits, Fair Tax -vs- Income Tax, the connection between Tea Party and Occupy Movements. 

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Dan speaks with Carla Howell, Executive Director for the Libertarian National Committee, to discuss the 2012 Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson.  She explains why voting for a thrid party candidate this election is NOT a waste of a vote, and why you do not have to choose the lesser of two evils.  You can vote with conscience in 2012 and have it count!

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Dan Belforti and Andi Stuart discuss Public Policy and Current Affairs in Politics from a libertarian perspective. Will the Gary Johnson for President catch fire even in the face of a commercial media blackout (hey, they make bank on those campaign contributions after all) and an FEC exclusion* from any independent candidates in the national debates?

Final segment: Dan discusses the historic and undefeated 2012 New England Patriots.  Best team in the HISTORY of the NFL?

* technically, the FEC "allows" an independent candidate into their government sponsored debates but sets an unachievable threshold for support and name recognition (prior to the televised debates of course) which will never be reached without election reform....see rebuilddemocracy.org for TheCorrectAnswer.

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Commentary on RNC speeches criticized by various sources due to inaccuracies, Gary Johnson Speech at the Ron PAUL Festival.

Final segment on the undefeated 2012 New England Patriots. Commentary on the Pre-Season, roster changes, and the upcoming 2012 Regular and Post Season.

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Noon-1:30PM Left Right And Correct

Host Dan Belforti welcomes guest Kevin Kervick -- a writer, teacher, change agent, and social entrepreneur. Ideas from his recently released book, Discovering Possibility: A Common Sense Conservative Manifesto (For Classical Liberals Too) will be discussed.

Mike Wallace, national delegate for Ron Paul and state rep candidate in Portland,Me and podcast host Justin Keith (Portsmouth Community Builders) also chime in.

Since this special pledge show runs until 1:30, Stephen Erickson of http://www.rebuilddemocracy.org/ will also guest. 
It's pledge week! You can go on-line to pledge: portsmouthcommunityradio.org
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May 25,2012 discussion of financial industry, public policy & economics with Mike Finger and Dan Belforti on 106.1 FM Portsmouth Community Radio.

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Raymond Berry To Present the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 42. Raymond is best known as the first head coach to lead the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl (Squish The Fish & Berry The Bears) , and for his NFL Hall of Fame career as wide receiver with The Baltimore Colts.

Raymond Berry candidly discusses his thoughts as this week’s call-in guest for http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends. Topics include the 2011 Patriots, Tom Brady (”in a class by himself at QB” & “has that fire burning inside him”), Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and Coach Belichick. Also, Raymond revisits his memories of the 1985 Bears vs. the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. 

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Please tune in today, January 6, 2012, at high noon to discuss the reasons why Ron Paul, Republican congressman from Texas, is TheCorrectAnswer in this Tuesday’s primary election in New Hampshire.

We will hear from frequent guest and former U.S.Senator Mike Gravel, who ran for President in 2008 as a Democrat and then also as a Libertarian after the major media ignored his candidacy.

Not so coincidently, Gary Johnson, former 2 term Republican governor of New Mexico and recent guest on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends, was also largely ignored by the “pay for access” major media. Governor Johnson will seek the nomination for President under the Libertarian label.

Matt Simon, former NH Communications Director for the Gary Johnson for President campaign, has also endorsed Ron Paul in this Tuesday’s primary and will share his knowledge and perspective.

Streaming audio available at http://PortsmouthCommunityRadio.org as always.

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My very entertaining guests today in studio are Kevin Roberge and Steve Gibbons to discuss their revolutionary educational television program promoting world peace through geographical and cultural diversity. 

A hilarious video introduction and more at http://TheGeoPirates.com

This week is our fall PLEDGE DRIVE!

Your contribution to become a member ($35 per year) will help ensure continuation of LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends, and the many other high quality and independent shows on 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio. 

Please email me at info at leftrightandcorrect dot com for details. 

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Chad Verbeck in studio on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti 11-11-11


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Jack Thorsen for Portsmouth (NH) City Council on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti.  Originally aired on October 28, 2011 from noon to 1pm on 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio.

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Beth Lindstrom and Dan Belforti in studio at LeftRightAndCorrect.com, 106.1 FM, Portsmouth, NH June 17,2011.

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Posted by Dan Belforti

Cato Executive Director David Boaz on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends on 106.1 FM, WSCA, Portsmouth NH.  Tune in to discover http://TheCorrectAnswer.com to many of life’s big questions…on public policy that is.  Though they agree on most major issues, Dan supports a dramatic increase in the federal excise tax (correspondingly lower capital gains and income taxes) on gasoline whereas The Cato Institute does not.  You decide who has TheCorrectAnswer after hearing the arguments.  Friday at high noon on 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio

Hear wisdom from across the pond as well as from an elected Libertarian selectman from New Hampshire (only NH politician who ACTUALLY believes in freedom on every issue).

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Belforti Bros NFL Picks 2010 Sandwiched Between NFL Coach Ray Berry & Profesional NFL Handicapper Wayne Root

The Belforti Bros (Mark & Dan Belforti) have been posting their Top 2 NFL Picks of the Week for several years.  Their website comes up first on a google search for 2007 NFL MVP Tom Brady, probably because it was boldly predicted there in August 2007 that Brady would get the MVP along with a possible undefeated 16-0 regular season with the addition of free agents Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Adalius Thomas.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Colts WR and former New England Patriots Head Coach Raymond Berry discussed football & politics on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends on 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio. See RaymondBerry.com for new DVD for sale.

Professional NFL handicapper and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root closes out the program with his analysis of the big game. Wayne owns winningedge.com.

Belforti Bros NFL Picks posted weekly at http://football.belforti.org

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Raymond Berry and Dan Belforti on football, Wes Welker, Obama and more Feb 5, 2010

Former Colts Hall of Fame WR Raymond Berry and Dan converse about the current & 1985 Patriots, Archie & Peyton Manning, 2007 NFL MVP Tom Brady (google that for a surprise!), Wes Welker, Saints/Vikings game, Saints/Colts Super Bowl, Obama and much more on Left,Right & Correct with Dan Belforti & Friends on Portsmouth Community Radio, 106.1 FM, Fridays from noon to 1pm.

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Belforti Bender One: Jim Bender for U.S.Senate Interview on LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends on 106.1 FM


Interview of Jim Bender for U.S.Senate (http://benderforsenate.com) on http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends, Portsmouth, NH 106.1 FM on May 14, 2010.

Intro music from final live show and song from Brad Delp and Boston, with Doug Flutie on drums.

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